Best Known Connection Method

What is it ?

Good grounding is an important issue for all kind of structures. One of the important thing is to have good connections between all metal conductors for a prevailing grounding system.

Molecular bonding is sometimes more than bonding! Exothermic welding by alumino-thermic reaction generated by high temperature to make metal molten completely. This is the best way to avoid corrosion and provide a perfect electrical conductivity.

Exothermic welding is a cost effective method of completing a high quality electrical connection. The process is simple to follow and through the use of a high teprature reaction a long lasting, quality electrical bond is created between conductors.


Where To Use ?

In every building that needs grounding !

Substation, Buildings, Oil and Gas,  Data Center, Water Treatment Plant, Hospital, Nuclear Plant, Airport, Cell Tower, Wind and Solar Farm....



The current-carrying ability of the exothermic connection is better than the conductor. Because the exothermic connection has a larger cross-sectional area than the conductors themselves.
The exothermic connection carry repetitive electrical currents
Is a molecular bond, corrsion protected.
Is a low resistance conenction and do not increase the resistance during the lifetime of the installation
Excelllent tensile and heat strength
Able to apply for ALL kind of the conductors and connection types used for grounding.
Provide a perfect cathodic protection